Our Business Services Include:

Business Automation

Subscription-free alarms and alert systems.
Remote operation
Machine and appliance automation

Shop Build-outs

  • Point of sale systems
    Digital signs and displays
  • Office setup
  • Remote Offices
  • Datacenters / Server Rooms
  • Guest WiFi access

Business IT Services

  • Business Email (safe, ad-free, and without google tracking you)
  • Webhosting and design
  • Ecommerce / Stores
  • Custom Databases
  • Specialty applications (Customer Service, Emarketing, Billing, Support, and CRM)
  • In office and remote file sharing services
  • Offsite data backup and recovery

Security Solutions

  • Security cameras (watch from anywhere)
  • Subscription-free alarm systems
  • Automation and control
  • Keyless door-entry systems
  • Access control systems

Telephone Services

Affordable, contract-free VOIP Phone Systems
Affordable, Custom PBX Systems (e.g: “For John, press 1”)
Subscription-free video conferencing