Smart Home Services for Veterans

Many veterans are eligible for certain disability-related grants.  While the grant amount scope varies with each veteran, it is important to note that many of Kingwood Smart Homes’ services can be paid for through your VA benefits.

At Kingwood Smart Homes, we can work with you to help cope with disability and maximize your VA benefits.  Our experienced, knowledgeable team can help you build or remodel your home to best suit you and your needs.

Below is a summary of VA programs, as we understand them.  Please be sure to visit the official Veterans Affairs website for official information

Generally, there are 3 major grants available:

  1. Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH)
    Up to $77,307
    More information can be found here
  2. Special Housing Adaptation Grant (SHA) *
    Up to $15,462
    More Information on SHA Grants
  3. Home Improvements and Structural Alterations Grant (HISA)
    Benefits of up to $6,800
    More Information on HISA Grants

To apply for the grants, the Veteran will need to either apply online through the VA, or fill out VA Form 26-4555 and mail it into the Houston Regional Loan Center.  For questions, veterans can call the VA:


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VA Specially Adaptive Housing Grants

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